Brooklyn Reece Willett

When were you born?

28/09/1997 (21)

Where were you born?

Manly, New South Wales, Australia

Where do you live now?

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

What do you do for work?

Call Centre agency for superannuation.

Age you got your first tattoo?


What was it?

A quote I came up with when I was 16 “love and loyalty run deeper then blood”

Your favourite tattoo?

The Chucky and Bride of Chucky on my left shoulder, and Eminem on my back

What was your most painful tattoo?

The Phoenix that went over my hip bone on my right upper thigh

Anything else you want to mention?

Tattoos and art are my life!

Other things to promote – my tattoo artist of course! He has done he majority of my tattoos and he is absolutely amazing! He’s only 28, but has made tattooing his life. I would trust absolutely no one else to do any more work on me other the him.
His name is Luke Simpson.
Insta – lukesimpsontattoos
Facebook – Luke Simpson.
He now works out of the amazing Royal Collective Studio in Southport

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