What is your name?

My name is Hannah Pearl Colburn and my art and modelling alias’ are Asphyxia and Voodoo Nebula

How old are you?

6-14-88 -> 30

Where were you born?

In Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Where are you now?

Currently residing in Springfield, Missouri, USA

What do you do for work?

I work as a professional licensed Tattoo artist at Springfield Ink Tattoo & Gallery in Springfield, Missouri

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself?

I’m into art, mixed mediums, painting, body painting, makeup artistry, tattooing, modelling, writing, burlesque, tarot, video games, reading & Suicidegirls.

Hannah Links:

Instagram for Tattoos

Instagram for Modelling

Facebook for Tattoos

Facebook for Modelling and Art


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