Call me Wilma Wölkchen or Kim Karamele 😉

Age or DOB?

I’m dirty thirty! Was born on 25th Aug 1988

Where were you born?

In Poland

Where are you now?

Now I live in Germany

What do you do for work?

Maybe I don’t look like it, but I’m a Kindergarten Teacher. I’m good with kids (and men) 😉

Age you got your first tattoo?

Wanted tatts from the age of 8, got my first at 21, because I wanted the first to have the most meaning

What was it?

It was a “B” in my neck. The letter stands for the first name of my beloved grandmother, who taught me everything about life and was gone for 4 years at that time. The tattoo is in my neck, ’cause she always stood behind me.

Your favourite tattoo?

My first one is pretty special, but I love every tat, that stands for my family and friends

What was your most painful tattoo?

I’ve got 96 tattoos, most of them were okay. Painful were the ones in my ears, the ones under my feet, the one on my belly and the one on my palm.

Anything else you want to mention?

I have 96 tats and I have drawn every one of them on my own. That’s pretty special, I guess. Gonna make the 100 full in 2019 😉 Follow me on insta

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