Taleah Thomas


18 😝

Birth place?

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Where are you living now?

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

What do you do for work?

Part time Pharmacist Assistant, study law full-time & full time Model

Age of first tattoo?


What was the tattoo?

Initials of JT & RT behind both my ears. Standing for Jeanene Thomas (my mum) & Rob Thomas (my dad)

What’s your favourite tattoo?

My spine piece.

Most painful tattoo?

Spine for sure. Although my spine desensitised for the majority of the 6hrs my tail bone was the worst of it

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

Upcoming Ink: Plans for myself & brothers to ink our feet with a lion wearing a crown – standing for blood between my 2 brothers & I always standing as 1

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